Saturday, August 14, 2010

Colaborative Art

Last night Gracie asked to paint. Being an art teacher, that's one request that I don't often say no to! I decided on "shiny paint," and mixed some for her. I discovered that if I tear two pieces of paper out of my sketchpad at once, they stay stick together, like a book. I did this twice and used double sided tape to put the next to each other on the wall of the tub. Bee was watching for a while, and decided that she needed to join in!

She thought painting was delicious!

Bee actually did lean on the wall and paint part of the paper with Gracie, so this is their first colaboration as young artists!

The completed masterpiece

Of course, we cleaned up with shaving cream. Bee wasn't sure about it at first, but really joined in once she figured out that it is for playing with and not eating.
The fun ended with Bee's first bubble bath! Usually she hates baths. She is in and out faster than the water can fill the tub. The combination of being with her sister and playing with the bubbles was enough to entertain her for quite a while!

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erin said...

With the shaving cream beard, Bee looks just like her daddy.