Friday, October 15, 2010

Bug Catcher

Gracie surprised me tonight by finding her plastic tweezers and asking if she could go outside and catch bugs. One of our neighbor kids was doing that the other day, so I'm sure that's where she got the idea. She's been grossed out by bugs the last few months, so I seized the opportunity let her look at them a little closer~and I figure maybe she can scare off some of those annoying Boxelder bugs!

She surprised me by picking up both dead and live bugs with her tweezers, and even used her bare finger to push them off the tweezers into the container when needed.

She was especially funny when the bug would fall off the tweezers and she would scream and quickly step back a few feet like the bug was going to attack her.

The container has a magnifying glass on one side, and she had a lot of fun examining them.

When she finished torturing-I mean catching bugs, she spent a long time using the tweezers on other objects such as sand and small pieces of sidewalk chalk. Working those fine motor skills!

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