Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fall Bazaar

One of my schools has a wonderful Fall Bazaar as their main fundraiser for the year. Last year I was not feeling up to going, with Brianna being only a few weeks old, but the girls and I made it there this year. As an elementary school, most of the activities were a little advanced for my little ones, but they did have a lot of fun. On the way out, Gracie said it was fun, and she wanted to go back. I promised her we'd go again next year.

Squirting the second of three colors onto her spin art.


Amazed at the results.

Ring toss onto pumpkins.

Catching duckies with a little net. They each had a number under them, and she was given that many tickets. They had a prize room to cash in the tickets.


Tossing fake apples into buckets. The actual goal was a tic-tac-toe, but I was just impressed that she made all but one of them into a basket from the line!

She didn't exactly get the concept of standing tall to drop the balls into the fishbowls!

First time getting her hair done!
She picked gold (closest they had to her fav: yellow) and pink.
Bee also got her hair done, but I had to hold her on the barstool so I couldn't get any pics of the process. There's a pic below of the results though.

Gracie loves getting her face painted! She changes her mind about 50 times in line and then picks something completely different when she sits in the chair. This time she got fire.

Pink haired beauties.


carrie said...

Your spin art photo - of course she picked yellow. Love B's pink spikes.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what is more bizarre- red heads dying their hair pink or non-red heads dying their hair pink as they were trying to dye their hair red.