Sunday, November 14, 2010


With our first snowfall this year, we decided to get out and have a little fun. Gracie has experienced snow before, but never really played in it. I had grad school all weekend, but they gave us a long lunch on Sunday, so I went home and played with the girls.

Gracie LOVED it. She had so much fun packing the snow together and adding it to our snowman! I just wished I had more time to play with her, and had to remind us both that we have a very long winter to play in the snow together!

I think this is my favorite picture.

Bee was not as impressed with snow. I think part of it was that one of her mittens kept falling off and, of course, that's the hand she would grab the snow with. She was screaming within ten minutes and needed to go back inside.

We got some branches for the arms, but didn't have anything for the face. With Bee screaming I had to just find something fast so it would seem finished and Gracie wouldn't scream about not being able to finish it. So, I grabbed some food coloring. I made the face and Gracie emptied the yellow on the head for hair.

Here's our completed snowman. Pretty unique, but LOTS of fun!

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