Saturday, November 6, 2010


We had a great Halloween! Our trick-or-treating adventure began at a local grocery store. We expected a handfull of candy, but ended up with a corndog, go-gurt, soda, helium balloon, carmel apple, cookie, AND candy~for each kid! It was a full meal!

Swiper's so fast!

Dora and Swiper, with Grandma towards the end of our grocery trick-or-treating adventure. Look at all that loot in the cart! That is ALL from the trick-or-treating!

Gracie insisted she did NOT need a nap before going to her cousins' house to do real trick-or-treating, but momma and daddy insisted. Good thing we did, this is how I found her when I went in to wake her up to leave!

Dora, Swiper, and Princess Fiona.

The whole crew, before heading out.

Gracie found Elara's Dora scooter in the garage and tried to convince us she should ride it to go trick-or-treating. It was tough going until Elara said "You have to wear a helmet!" and Gracie said (in a very dismayed voice) "I don't have a helmet!" That ended that.

One of the first houses.


carrie said...

Love it! sorry we had to miss out this year. next year will be more fun for both Jolynn and I - she will be into it more. She slept through the whole trick-o-treating time and passing out the candy time.

Anonymous said...

Regarding your whole crew before heading out, the guy in the middle wearing the Nike's, he IS the REAL SCARY ONE of the bunch. Very frightening.