Thursday, March 10, 2011

Celebration & Well Child Exam

Gracie had her Well Child Exam this morning. She did great! She was a little bit scared of both the nurse and the doctor, but warmed up quickly to both of them. She weighed in at 29.2 lbs (5th percentile) and is 34 1/4" tall. I know you will be surprised to learn she is in the 30th percentile for height, with how tall Daddy and I are and all. Her head is 50 cm but they didn't have a percentile, since they usually only measure that through two years old. I was so happy that she didn't need any shots-and won't until she's getting ready for Kindergarten!

Yesterday we had a family trip to Lookout Ridge Indoor Playground. They have spots that trigger animal noises throughout the playground, and the noises really scared Gracie. She refused to go through the noises to get to the bouncy house, and stayed in the entryway for a large part of our time there. Eventually, I got her to understand that the noises are pretend and there are no animals in there that would get her. I'm hoping she'll have an easier time next time we go, as her friend's birthday party will be there next month and Daddy has to take her without me.

I got Gracie a yellow cake that was clearly labeled chocolate (her fave color and flavor) and we were all disappointed to cut into it and find it was a white cake. Gracie didn't even eat any of it. Oh well.

Bee sure liked it anyway.

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