Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gracie's Birthday Party

A friend of mine couldn't make it to our party, so she came over the day before to give Gracie her birthday present.

It's a tent! Gracie loves it, and keeps asking to sleep in it.

I admit it, I go a little overboard with my kids' birthdays. I can't help it, I want them to feel special on their day. My mom had the cute idea of flipping cupcakes over to make them look like Cinderella's dress. We had some leftover cupcakes, which we frosted with chocolate icing and put plastic rings on. During the party, Gracie hoarded the rings! Silly girl. Good thing most people wanted a blue cupcake anyway!

The kids played Elefun,

and pin the glass slipper on the Cinderella.

Gracie and her friends had fun breaking into her new toys.

And, of course, Gracie loved her cupcakes. See the previous post for her reaction to being sung to!

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