Saturday, April 30, 2011

Week 32

I had quite the conversation with my doctor during my 32 week checkup this past week. I admitted to having trouble sleeping, cramping in my calves at night, and lots of back pain. She told me I can take some Benadryl to help sleep, I need to start drinking Gatorade G2 to get electrolytes, and I should get a back massage as soon as possible. I haven't gotten the Benadryl yet, but have been downing G2 like it's going out of style. I don't enjoy the taste at all~although I've only tried one flavor and figure the rest are worse, judging by the names of the flavors. As for the back massage, sounds good to me! Next week is teacher appreciation week at school, and one of the things the parent group has planned is a sign up for 10 minutes in a massage chair. I'm hoping to get one of the limited spots that is available on my lunch break. Maybe that'll do the trick and I'll make it through the next eight weeks! She also mentioned that sometimes wearing a brace like the one I have can make the pain worse, as the body isn't forced to use those muscles like it normally has to. I went without it the rest of the week, and have been fine. Other than all that, everything is great. Baby was moving like crazy, making it hard to find the heartbeat, but we did hear it eventually. Gracie came with me, and was jumping up and down yelling "I'm not scared this time!" while we were looking for the heartbeat. She thought it was too loud last time. The doctor also mentioned that I've only gained nine pounds since the beginning of my visits. I find that funny, since this baby has made me crave everything bad for me. Candy. Doughnuts. Fast food. It's been nuts!

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