Saturday, May 7, 2011

More From Our Easter

The day before Easter, my brother's family's neighborhood had an egg hunt. If you can call it a "hunt." They put eggs out in a field and the kid collect them. Luckily, they let the kids three and under have the first minute before letting the other kids join the collecting. Once the big kids are unleashed, the little kids are pretty much done. Gracie had a blast, and Bee was pretty entertained too. Above, the cousins are waiting to be allowed to begin.

After the egg hunt we went to my brother's family's house for a while. Gracie loves singing "Happy Birthday," so she was in heaven when she found Elara's birthday cake toy. You can really blow out the candles after singing!

Easter morning both girls got a little basket from the Easter Bunny.

Easter day we went back to my brother's family's house for a family egg hunt and brunch.

Ready to hunt for eggs!

Found one!

After hunting and eating, we went to the park.

After naps, we played in our "back yard" for a while.

Both girls got a decorate-your-own jewelry box from Tony's family, and they wanted to work on them before bedtime. Gracie matched up the shapes of her jewels before gluing anything on.

Bee jumped right in with her stickers!

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Anonymous said...

Why does it seem every egg "hunt" has a wind chill, of at least looks like it does?

I more impressed the girls could "hunt" in those shoes for it is doubtful they are very good for wind sprints.

I like Easter too, but I only celebrate it when it is on my birthday. So when does Halley's Comet return?

Final of thought, my word verification below is a term describing the shape of ova- or that is unfertilised eggs, kinda fitting for a few months ago, hmmm?