Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fun Run/Walk

Both of my schools are very good at promoting a healthy lifestyle to the kids we serve. Today was one of the school's Fun Run/Walk. The kids are asked to follow a training regimen and then come the the run/walk with an adult. I brought the kids last year, but didn't walk. We saw the kids off, played on the playground, and then cheered for them when they arrived back at the school. This year we walked about 2/3 of the course. I realized that the course I had walked had been all downhill and if we wanted to make it back, I had to reserve a lot of energy to pushing the kids back up the three block hill!

They've got it good. Beautiful day and a momma to push them around.

About a block from returning to school, I was encouraging one of my third graders. He passed us saying he needed to walk so I called out "You're almost there, you can do it!!" At that point, Gracie decided she wanted to walk too. She ran the last block yelling "I know I can do it! I know I can do it!"

Upon returning to the school she received a medal and cheers.

Posing with her first medal.
G: "Momma! I got a nickel!"
M: "It's called a medal, honey."
G: "Well, it's like a nickel!"

A girl's gotta rehydrate.

We played on the playground for a while before heading home to show Daddy Gracie's first medal. Gracie loves the school playground because that's where Momma works.

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carrie said...

Congratulations Gracie on your first medal! Way to Go!