Friday, July 9, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

I know Brianna's birthday isn't until October, but I am already thinking about it. I always want to make these occasions special, and I know it is going to sneak up on me~especially with the beginning of the school year in there. I also want this fun, special occasion to be as cheap as possible. Which means I'll be making the decorations, party favors, cake, food. . . I am stuck on the theme. It's my usual dilemma; I just can't decide. So I need your help. Here's what I have it narrowed down to~if you can call this narrowed down! All of these ideas are from Wilton; most from their 2010 Yearbook, and a couple from one of their cupcake books.

Star Theme: This would be super easy, and cute.

Cats: Bee lights up everytime she sees our cat, and these cupcakes are cute! I think they would be reasonably easy to make.

Jungle: So cute, and I'm sure it would be easy to find a lot of ideas to go along with a jungle theme!

Noah's Arc: Cute, but more labor intensive. I'm debating if it's too Baby Shower-ish.
Duckies: Again, too baby shower-ish?? I love the cookie bubbles!

I really like this flower cake, but it'll be OCTOBER. Maybe better for Gracie's spring birthday?

Of course, a princess theme is always in the mix. It would be fun to invite kids to come dressed up as princes and princesses and go all out. I'm thinking that it may be a better idea for when she's a little older though to get the full effect.

So that is where I'm at as far as planning goes. I put a poll on the side of the blog for your input! Whether you are an avid reader of my blog, a first time reader, or just stumbled here for the day, please vote! The more votes I get, the better informed decision I can make. Any specific advice/suggestions can go in the comments section. Thanks!

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carrie said...

save the princess ones for later.