Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nine Months

My beautiful little Brianna is now nine months old. She had her well child exam today, and it was mostly good news. Her weight has plummeted in the percentiles, but Gracie did the same thing so I wasn't surprised or all that concerned. The doctor helped me added to my lack of concern by stating that she normally sees that between 12-18 months, but Bee just did it a little earlier. She pointed out that Bee is long and lean and doesn't have a lot of baby fat on her.

Here are Bee's latest stats: Weight 16 lbs 2 oz (10%), Height 28 1/4" (75%), and Head Circumference 44 cm (>50%). She's only gained about a pound in the last three months, but has almost doubled her birth weight~which is baby's goal by age one. I'm thinking we can get those last couple of pounds on her by October! All in all, the doctor said she is very healthy and on target for her developmental goals. Doc has no concerns, which is always music to a momma's ears!

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