Saturday, July 31, 2010


We took another trip to the Mall of America today. Dora and some of her friends are there every Saturday. This time I brought backup.

Clearly, Bee had a great time.

Gracie rode the Carousal, and insisted that she ride the "Kitchen" (chicken).

Although she's never seen the show, she wanted to meet the Wonder Pets. The duck stopped to say "Hi" to Bee, and made her cry very hard. Duck clearly felt bad, so Gracie gave him a hug and said "I sorry."

Gracie loved meeting Blue from Blue's Clues. She danced with her and had a great time. I tried to get a video of them dancing, but the camera didn't start recording when I thought it did. We went back to visit Blue a second time after we met everyone else. I think this is my new favorite picture.

Dora was very impressed that Gracie has a Dora stuffed doll, so Gracie showed her her Dora ponytail holders, Dora socks, and Boots stuffed animal. When Josey brought Swiper out Dora and Diego looked a bit scared so Gracie yelled "Swiper no swipey!" and they silently cheered for her. I think she won them all over.

This week's theme was "Get Physical with Dora." They had a couple of women there teaching the kids some dances and gave out free jump ropes and smoothies.

MOA has a butterfly area now and Gracie is into her "bugs are gross/scary" stage so I thought maybe we could show her that they are pretty. She was very impressed with the butterflies, but still wouldn't let one land on her. Progress, though!

That's as close as she'd get to the butterflies.

Josey enjoying the butterflies (and trying to get Gracie to let her put it on her arm).

Bee thought the butterflies were great (can't you tell?). A couple landed on her, and she didn't quite know what to think of it.

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