Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Gracie has improved in Karate so much. We are very proud of her! Last week she earned her first belt, a white belt. She was glowing, she was so proud! Each class, they get a "stripe" on their belt if they did a good job participating. The stripe is a thin piece of electrical tape that they put on the bottom of the belt. She is so happy to be able to earn her stripes like the other kids now. Here are a couple of videos from tonight's class. We have decided to keep her in class as long as she continues to enjoy it.

Beginning of class and stretching.

Working on a move.

Obstacle course.


Dick Kruse said...

Videos are "Private" and cannot be viewed.

Jodi said...

Oops, I forgot YouTube does that with videos. All fixed!

carrie said...

she seems way more focused in karate than she was at princess camp. Hope the skills she is learning are working at home too.

carrie said...

she must be absolutely pooped out after that obstacle course!