Saturday, August 13, 2011


Gracie has been asking for rollerskates since early spring when we had a nice day and two neighbor girls (who are much older) were rollerblading around the parking lot. We've been somewhat looking for them, to appease her, but not really looking, since the only place to skate is our minimal sidewalk or the parking lot-right, a three-year-old learning to rollerskate in a busy parking lot. No thanks. Nana was able to find a pair at our church garage sale, so Gracie has been very excited to try them out.

First attempt.


Bee nabbed her own set of wheels out of the storage unit when we got the skates out, and diligently followed her big sis around.

And then stole her helmet.


carrie said...

FYI - the Lions and Tigers at Como LOVE those Fisher Price skates. I know this personally. :)

Jodi said...

There must be a story here...