Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Princess Dance Camp

Gracie spent the mornings this week Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at Princess Dance Camp. I don't know all of the activities they did, but a sampling of them are: makeup, nail polish, sidewalk chalk, princess stickers, played "frog, frog, princess", and made a door hanger. Today they invited all the parents to come earlier than normal to pick the kids up and stay for a performance by the children. Gracie was very excited when I told her not only would I be there, but also Daddy, Bee, Jerry, Grandma and Evan!

The dance.

Gracie is officially a princess! She even has a certificate to prove it.

One of the assistant teachers. Gracie seems to have liked her best, as she ran to her often, and was usually with her when I came to pick her up at the end of class.

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