Saturday, August 13, 2011

Teddy Bear Park

Through the grapevine, we have discovered a new park. It's called Teddy Bear Park (for obvious reasons), and it is awesome. Both kids love it. There is only one entrance/exit, and equipment for children of all ages, so both girls were very happy to have something at their level to play on. I find that Bee sometimes gets bored at other playgrounds because she's too little for so many of the features. That doesn't happen here. Most of the park is a soft astroturf or the rubbery material that many parks use these days, but there is also a sand area off to one side so the kids don't have to get all sandy if they don't want to (or if their mommy doesn't want them to).

Gracie loves the Teddy Bear sculptures, and goes back to them often while we are there.

JR had fun too!

Gracie was so proud that she can go all the way up the rocks all by herself!
Bee didn't get any farther than she is in the picture.

At the top!

Stuck in a spiderweb!

B's slide, lol!

Gracie insists on kissing each teddy bear good-bye before we can leave (ew). When we came back for our second visit, she ran in and exclaimed "Teddy bears, I'm back! I missed you!"

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