Monday, October 17, 2011

HHS Fall Carnivale

 The local high school had a choir fundraiser last weekend and we decided to check it out since I know the director, she has kids the girls' age, and it's a family friendly event.

The girls got their face painted. I think the last two events have ruined face painting for Gracie. She's expecting full face paint at every place now. Here she asked for Hulk and was a bit disappointed when she got a little drawing on her cheek that looked a bit more like Frankenstein than Hulk, but, hey, it was high school kids not professionals. Bee also got her face painted, requesting "yellow." We repeatidly asked her "a yellow what?" and just got "yellow" in response. She ended up with a yellow flower. 

 The girls and Grandma all decorated their own pumpkin.

 Bee may have had a little help...

 Both girls got crazy hair.

 My crazy haired girlies. 

 Junk food!

 An older lady stopped me and asked to see the baby. When I uncovered him, she cooed and raved about how beautiful he is. She stated "Oh, I just adore babies! But I can't stand children." Um. Ok? I just smiled and said "Well, that poses quite a problem doesn't it?" and quickly excused myself. Odd.

 The girls also got to go fishing~a couple of times. Bee didn't want to fish a second time, but when Grandma mentioned she could go fishing for Cousin Evan, she was all for it, exclaiming "For Ev-A!"

All in all, it was a very fun day! I can't wait for my school's Fall Bazaar, which is similar but with many more games and lots more food and vendors. It's always fun to see my students outside of a classroom atmosphere too. Gracie looks forward to the Bazaar every year.

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