Monday, October 3, 2011

 Last weekend we went to the apple orchard with my parents, my brother's family, and my friend Carrie and her daughter, Jolynn. We had lots of fun picking out pumpkins, riding the wagon, eating apple treats, and playing at their attractions. 

 Bee was impressed with the humongous pumpkins.

 Gracie's mission was to find one she could pick up. She kept rejecting them, saying they were too heavy if she couldn't hold them for a while. The picture above she had just dropped the pumpkin at her feet and declared it "not THE ONE." 

 Mission accomplished! I'm not certain it's actually a pumpkin-it may be a gourd, but she was happy and satisfied. She waltzed to the scale without me and tried to pay for it. The worker said "It's one dollar and sixteen cents." Gracie: "ok." Worker: "Do you have one dollar and sixteen cents?" Gracie: "Yep." Eventually, my dad came up and paid for the pumpkin as I was busy chasing Bee and the stroller, with my wallet was a ways away.

 Gracie, Bee, Jolynn, Elara.

 Bee loved this cutout. She kept running into other people's pictures. She kept me busy!

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