Saturday, October 8, 2011


 I had grad school this morning, but boy did the kids and I pack a lot of fun in once I got home!
 First we went to the park. . . 

 Bee decided she was tired, so she stole JR's blankie and settled down for a nap-at the bottom of the slide!
 JR was jealous.
 The girls rolled down a big hill, which we plan on sledding down this winter. 

When we got home we decided to do a very Fall-ish art project. Apple painting! It took a while for the girls to catch on that it's more fun to stamp with the apples, but eventually they did and Gracie was thrilled that the stamps look like hearts declaring that hearts are her favorite shape.


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Allegro Mama said...

I love that you used your pinterest Idea of cuting a handle into the apple :) Very cool!

Also, yes, I did see the kids version. I requested it in the print copy so Sy could handle it. He hates my kindle... :(