Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Halloween!

 Our family tradition is to meet at my brother's family's house for trick or treating. They have a wonderful, family oriented neighborhood. Here are all the girls in their costumes. Spider-Man, Rapunzel, Iron Man, and a duck. Lots of people laughed at my girls in such boy costumes, but it was always with a smile. I have unique kids, and I love it.

 We managed to keep track of Gracie's Spider-Man mask for three days, just to lose it the morning of Halloween and find it the day after. Figures.


carrie said...

the first video it looked like Gracie wasn't getting any candy so she started to go in the house to get it herself. She made up for it on the last video by helping herself to their bowl while they dished it out to the others.

Jodi said...

She's a sneaky bugger! :)