Saturday, November 12, 2011

Houlton Fall Bazaar

One of my schools has an annual fundraiser called their Fall Bazaar. It's a blast, and Gracie looks forward to it every year. It's a lot like the one at the high school I previously posted about, but this one is much bigger, and has been going on for 49 years. They have lots of fair games, crazy hair, face painting, craft vendors, food, test drive a new car, and a wagon ride. We didn't do all of it, but considering I was there with all three kids solo, I think we did plenty!

 Gracie getting her hair done.

 Waiting for her big sis to get her hair done.

 Little sis's turn!

 Spotting a puppy sculpture while waiting for Bee's hair to be done.

 Duck pond game.

 Gracie showed Bee how to do this game. It took her a couple of tries, but she eventually got the ping pong ball into a blue bowl. The girl running the game told Bee to "do just like your sister did." So, Bee grabbed the ping pong ball, walked up to the cups, and placed it carefully in the exact same blue bowl. At least she listens to someone.

 Spin Art!

 The big reveal.

 Bee and her masterpiece.

 Gracie and her masterpiece.

 "Dinosaur Dig." The kids dug out Easter eggs with prizes in them and got to keep both the egg and prize.


Just before we left. Loaded down with colored hair, painted faces, too much candy and lots of prizes. A successful morning!


carrie said...

that spin art looks like the same project we tried with the salad spinner.

Jodi said...

It is exactly the same project. It works best with thick paper. They had cardstock, maybe even a little thicker than cardstock. And LOTS of paint~in squirt bottles. They turned out awesome. I forgot to pick them up though. Hopefully they'll be in my box when I get to work tomorrow!