Monday, November 21, 2011

Stone Soup

Gracie's preschool had Stone Soup today. The kids even went to the river to pick the perfect stones! All the parents were invited to partake in the dish with the children. I must say, I agonized over this decision. A huge part of me hates being away from my classroom. Now matter how wonderful the sub is, s/he isn't the teacher and doesn't know the classroom like the teacher does. However, the voices of many colleagues echoed in my mind, reminding me that our district is generous enough to give us two personal days for just this type of thing, and before I know it my kiddos will be off to college and I don't want to wish I'd done more with them. My students should not be more important to me than my own children. I also didn't want her to be the only kid there without an adult to share her soup with.

So, I decided to go.

 I'm glad I did. It was only a half hour, so I was able to take the morning off and still have another 1 1/2 personal days for other events this school year. It was pretty low key, we enjoyed the soup and then the kids sat on pillows and sang a few songs for us.

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