Saturday, February 16, 2013


Gracie has been really missing Momma lately. Every  night she asks me if I have to work the  next day, and comes close to crying when I say yes. It's pretty tough on this Momma's heart. Luckily, a few weeks ago I signed her up to try hockey free for a day with the Hudson Hockey Association. I've gotten grief from a few people for letting her try the most expensive sport there is, but we can get skates and sticks from a second hand store and use the rink across the street from our house. The free night was tonight, so my parents came out to play with the littles while Gracie and I had a date night. 

Waiting for her turn.

Skates are on, ready to go!
First time on the ice!

 This high school hockey team member was very patient with Gracie, but eventually brought her back to me and invited me to join her on the ice.

Taking a little break.

She was very excited to use a stick.

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