Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ten on Ten

Checking in on my morning recovery run while eating my protein bar (yuck)

Sister love

Morning jumping!

Gracie drew Jesus. What's he doing? "Oh, nothin', just waitin' for some children to come."

Grooving at church.

Teaching Jerry to fist bump. He thinks it's hilarious.

"I can't eat lunch right now, Momma, I'm CLEANING!"

"K, Momma, I'll nap in the closet."

My little 'Sconie all tucked in for nap. Notice the milk, Brewers blankets, and Aaron Rodger doll which is always sleeps with!

Valentines all picked out for dance class and preschool!

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Anonymous said...

Nice fist pumps- not only totally awesomely cool, but very hygenic too!!