Sunday, February 10, 2013

Jerry's Talkin'

Lately Jerry's communication has completely taken off. The other day he walked up to me and said, clear as day "sticker." I looked down at him, and he handed me a sticker. I was amazed. 

He has also started saying "pup pup" whenever he sees a dog. I got home from work on Friday and he was wearing a pair of pajamas I've never seen before and ran up to me as fast as he could, patting his tummy and yelling "Pup pup! Pup pup!" There was a dog on his pajamas. 

He can also say "co," which is cold and he uses it mostly when getting his diaper changed-he hates wipes this time of year! 

Today he surprised Daddy and I by taking a sip of juice and smiling up at us saying "juice" as if he's always said it.

 Bee ran away from me in a parking lot yesterday and I was panicking as I called for her to stop. She finally stopped when she heard Jerry, in my arms calling "Bee! Bee! Bee!" That was the first time I've heard him clearly say her name. He's been practicing B-anna lately too.

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