Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snow Day!

With Momma being a teacher, we try to make the most of our "snow days" around here. Most of them that we've had this year have actually been due to cold, so we haven't been able to go out and play. That changed a couple of weeks ago. School was called because of icy road conditions, but it warmed up significantly by mid morning. I decided to get the kids outside for a while. 

Being pulled in the sled around the yard.

Watching his sisters make a snowman.

"Just one more thing!" was uttered many times before SHE was complete. 

Their first snowperson that Momma didn't help with at all!

Tried to get Jerry in there but he just ran away. 

After nap the girls made dinner-homemade pizza!

This is how a Momma of three gets her exercise in! The girls now beg for it before bed.

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Nana Jo said...

I love your snowman!