Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Melting Momma's Heart

On Monday I was surprised to hear Gracie up when I got up for work, so I got her up and we played for an hour before I had to leave for work. I snuggled her on the way to put her back in her crib, explaining that "Momma wants to stay and play, but she needs to leave for work now. I will miss you, and hurry home to play." As I laid her in her crib, she put one thumb in her mouth, and waved bye bye with her other hand! I almost couldn't leave!
Shortly after Gracie was born, we received a care package from her auntie in Portland. Included in it was a blanket that is pink on one side with polka dots on the other side. Gracie has adopted this blanket as her "blankey." She won't sleep without it (which is a little worrisome come hot July nights-it's fleece!), and when she's upset we just put it near her and she snuggles into it. She has been a bit crabby and independent tonight. Stubborn with where she wants to go, and what she wants to do-I even pulled her out from under the kitchen cabinet! She was following the kitty in and got quite upset when I caught her and pulled her out. I noticed her head getting heavy (first sign of sleepiness) so I gave her a couple of teething tablets and laid her down to sleep. With one thumb in her mouth, she grabbed her blankey, snuggled into it and rolled onto her side. Soooo cute.
This is a picture of Gracie at only a couple of weeks old, wrapped in the blanket she now considers her blankey.


Nana Jo said...

She picked a blankey! Ohhhh so sweet!

Jodi said...

It is, and I love that we have another easy way to sooth her. But why did she have to pick one that is cream on one side? And was clearanced, so I can't buy a couple more! I emailed Target and they "can't" help me without the UPC or shelf label-like I kept the tag from a year ago!