Thursday, April 2, 2009

What's New With. . .

Snuffy: Gracie had a stomach bug two weekends ago, and was "kind" enough to share that with momma. After a few days of throwing up, we were able to ween her back on to her whole milk and other foods that she loves. She feels like she is finally gaining a bit of weight, but still fits into her 6 month clothes! She LOVES whole milk-so much that she has stopped nursing, except in the mornings when momma wakes her up and she's too tired to protest! Overall, she is a happy, healthy baby that loves to play and laugh with her friends and family.

Broster: This is the name daddy has come up with for the new baby, until we find out the gender at least. We had a check up on Wednesday to hear the baby's heartbeat, but the doctor was unable to isolate the sound. She said we're lucky, because we got another ultrasound out of it. We were able to see baby's head, spine, hands, and legs. The doc said she wasn't even going to try to see the gender because it's so early, this is when mistakes are made and the wrong gender is announced. We watched the little heart beat a few times, and she said the baby looks like s/he is growing perfectly. Our next check up is in four weeks-which will be week 16 for me. At week 17 I will have the big ultrasound to check all development and learn the baby's gender. I was very excited to hear that, as my last doctor waited until 20 weeks for the ultrasound. I was also excited to hear that the ultrasound is at the hospital and it is very advanced. She mentioned DVD and everything! I don't know if my insurance covers such fancy things, but it's pretty amazing to know that it will be available.

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erin said...

Awesome! It's crazy to think that in a month you'll be almost half way done!