Saturday, April 11, 2009

Opening Day 2009

Yesterday was the Brewer's home opener. I was excited, but dreading it all at once. This series is against the Cubs, and their fans like to drive up here and refer to our stadium and "Wrigley North," get very vulgar to anyone wearing Brewers gear. It was great last night though! There weren't many Cubs fans, so I was able to more easily ignore their constant swearing and excessive drinking (thinks for funding our team!). Before the game we went down on the first base line to try and get a few autographs and say "hi" to the players that know us. We were successful not only in getting a handful of autographs, but also in making it into the Milwaukee Journal and being interviewed for the local news! It's amazing what a media magnet Gracie is!

This picture is the one that is printed in the Milwaukee Journal today. We were getting an autograph from David Riske, a relief pitcher and Christian that testifies at the FCA Tailgate every year. We're big fans and wanted to welcome him back. The young girl next to Brian is a friend of ours, and her dad is just behind her.

We also got to talk to Todd Coffey and Seth McClung. Seth is Gracie's favorite, she lights up whenever she sees him coming! He tickled her belly and told her how big she's gotten-and then told us he's expecting his first child in September! That's such great news, he is going to make an amazing daddy! Josey had handicapped seats, to we were able to squish in with her and her friends instead of going up to the nosebleed seats, which was great. To top it all off, the Brewers won in the bottom of the ninth after being down by one going into the ninth! Gracie had a blast, waving at all the people and even settled down enough to take a nap in the middle of the game! It was a great day, and we even got home in time for Gracie's bedtime.

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