Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pulling Herself Up

Gracie had finally pulled herself up on her own. She has actually become a bit of an expert at it, when finished with a diaper change I take her hands and pull her to a sitting position. Lately she sticks her feet under her and simply stands up instead. She still needs to hold on to something to walk, but I'm sure her first solo steps will happen very soon. She loves to stand, and can make her way all the way around our living room, moving from furniture to furniture. She is so happy on her feet that she gets mad if we make her sit for too long. Baseball games are now spent with her walking from person to person. Luckily, we usually get a handicapped seat, so she has a fence in front of us to hold on to while she walks.

I missed the beginning of Snuffy's adventure here, but she started by crawling to the red tool bench toy, and pulled herself up to the funny position that she is in at the beginning of the video.


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WHAT A BIG GIRL!!! I love Gracie!