Tuesday, December 27, 2011

6 Month Checkup

Jerry had his six month checkup this morning. I'm so proud of my little man! Although he got three vaccines, he only cried for a few seconds and was back to my smiley little boy. He laughed a wiggled through the whole appointment to the point that the doc said she felt like she was missing something because it was going by so quickly. He is in good health, and weighs in at 16.8 pounds. I was surprised that he is only the 25% for weight. Feels like bricks to me! He is 26 1/2" long (50%) and his head is 43cm (90%). I find it amusing that all three of my kids have had heads in the 90%. Daddy says it's to hold such squishy cheeks. He may be on to something, 'cause I just can't stop kissing those little cheeks!


carrie said...

it's for brain power too - smart kids!

Jodi Youngman said...

It's true. I'm amazed by some of the things that come out of their mouths!