Monday, December 5, 2011

Sunday Funday

With Gracie reaching the ripe old age of three, Christmas is becoming a big deal around here. She has requested several times to have our own tree this year, and we plan to do so. However, we don't have many ornaments. What's an art teacher to do with not enough ornaments? Have her kids make some, of course! I've decided to try to do a Christmas craft with them each weekend, and hopefully a few more sprinkled in the weekdays. This coming weekend will be hard, as I have grad school, but we'll try. Yesterday we did our first one: Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees!

First the girls painted the "skinny sticks" I got at Wal Mart green. If we were to do it again, I'd just have them use markers, like they did with the popsicle stick for the trunk.

Jerry was very into this project.

The girls struggled with the painting at first, so I got some tape out and taped the sticks to the paper plate. Things went much more smoothly after that.

Bee did ask for help painting, but did about 90% herself.
While the paint dried, we went outside to enjoy our new snow!

It wasn't "snowman making snow," but we did what we could.

Gracie asked Bee to help her make a "really big head, like mine!" but didn't realize that Bee's not quite capable of being gentle yet. His head got destroyed, so Gracie kicked him over. (see video)
 Oh well, it was fun anyway!

Gracie and I made snowangels, and she added a halo to mine. :)
So sweet.

After lunch and naps (which I used to glue the green sticks onto the brown trunks), the girls were ready to finish their Christmas trees. They chose which jewel to add, and showed me where to put the glue. Gracie got very into it, but Bee doesn't like getting dirty or sticky as much as Gracie does. She got glue on her fingers and decided she was done.

Gracie's is on the left and Bee's is on the right.
Momma just needs to add a string to hang them from!


carrie said...

Awesome! your kids are so creative (and so are you for thinking of all the activities). I can't wait to see your finished tree. It will be a work of art in itself!

Allegro Mama said...

Very Good idea!