Friday, December 23, 2011

More Christmas Decor

 We hung our stockings today. Living in a small apartment with no entertainment center, I was a little hard pressed for where to put them. I settled for above the china hutch. I am too cheap to buy three-five stocking holders, so I just got a two pack and used a pole from a pack n play bassinet to hang all three from the two. Once we have our own place, I'll get a nicer looking curtain rod to put between them.

Our tree has transformed a bit since the last post. The idea of having a tree they can touch in their room and one they can't in the living room didn't work. They play with both of them. Luckily, I anticipated that and didn't put any breakable ornaments on it. 

 The girls made stars with Nana one day, which we then added to the tree. In the top picture and the picture below you can see their angels. Pretty sure momma did 90-99% of the angels. That wasn't the plan, but oh well! The top pic is "Bee's", and the one below is "Gracie's." At least Gracie attempted to color her hair and draw a face on it.

The angel making turned into playing with pipecleaners. Gracie asked me to make some hearts for her, and we ended up making them into a chain, which she asked to put on the Christmas tree. 

They also colored some baby cradle ornaments that we got at Jo-Ann's.

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