Wednesday, December 14, 2011

{Almost} Six Months & Green Beans

Jerry will be six months on Christmas Eve! In celebration of his soon-to-be milestone, he started baby food last night. I started a little earlier than six months because he seems to be ready and I am having a lot of trouble pumping at work. It's a pain to find a private place to do it; I got a new classroom this year and it has a huge window in the door and the blinds don't work. It takes up half of my prep time, and I am way behind in everything I do because of that. Also, I'm only pumping about enough for one bottle anyway. He eats more than that while I'm at work, so he's already been supplimenting with formula. I figure if we can get him to be happy and fullfilled with rice cereal and baby food while I'm at work (maybe a bottle or two of formula), he can nurse in the morning and evening. If last night is any indication, this plan should work. He got home from Nana and Grandpa's at 7:00, nursed, tried green beans, and went to bed. I had to wake him up after my shower~he slept all night! I'm optimistic that this will be good for both him and I, as I need to reduce my stress level and getting my prep time back should help with that. (Graduating in May will help it even more!)

JR will have his six month check up on December 27th.

He has no idea what's coming. . .

Any time anyone makes eye contact with this little one, he gives a smile this big. He's such a happy boy!


Nana Jo said...

That a boy JR!

erin said...

I like how it takes a second to register and he's like, "What the WHAT?!"