Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Edward Scissorhands...

where are you when I need you?

This bush:

 has been driving me crazy pretty much since we closed on the house. Daddy stopped by his parents' house on the way home from work and borrowed their hedge trimmers. After my run, I figured I was already all sweaty, why not add in an arm workout? And boy, was it an arm workout! Many of the branches in the middle I could only score with the trimmers. Then I had to bend them and break them off. Sorry, bush, but you were out of control!

In the center of the bush was this perfect (abandoned) nest. Gracie was in awe of it!

It's not perfect by a long shot, but it's better. In a perfect world, I think I'd just remove it all together but we don't have the funds for that and there are many more important things to spend our money on before landscaping. I'd love to get rid of that weird stump by the bush too. What a strange place for a tree, and why leave a two foot stump?

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