Sunday, August 5, 2012

Josey & Caity

 Our dear friend, Josey came to visit this summer. This time she brought one of her friends, Caity. We are so happy to have a new friend! In addition to having a ton of fun with Josey and Caity, Caity took a LOT of really great pictures of our week together. Here are some, in no particular order.
Running to home at one of her last two T-ball games.

He's just too cute!

My little blue eyed boy, swimming on our turtle.

Gracie was upset that I only had a plain band-aid, so I was drawing happy faces on it!

Such an angel...

Josey's one year pic. She has one like this of each of my kiddos.

Yea! Josey's here!



Gracie loves the giraffe Josey & Caity bought her. She named him Babycakes.

Besties: You can have more than one best friend!

Teddy Bear Park

Jerry's First Birthday.

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