Monday, August 6, 2012


 Now that we are somewhat settled into our new house, I decided to give the kids a bit of fun. We got out some canvases and paint and painted in our front yard. Jerry and Bee started first, as Gracie was still napping.

Mom, this doesn't really taste good.

 Bee finished one canvas and declared she was done. Upon getting out of the bath, she went straight outside and painted more. She just couldn't get enough, and ended up with three baths! Indecisive girlie!

Hard at work
 Finally Gracie got up from her nap. She said she didn't want to paint, but after giving Bee direction for a while through the open window, she came outside and said she was ready to paint.

My artists and their gallery.


Carrie Moritz said...

I love the left middle one! The colors and texture are great!

Jodi Youngman said...

That's my favorite one too! It's in my dining room now. It's one of Bee's.