Thursday, August 16, 2012

Our House: Deck

I've had a lot of questions about our house since moving in, so I thought I'd start a series of posts showing what we've done so far. The house needed a lot of basic work before we could even move in. Every wall in the house was stripped, filled, sanded, and painted before we moved in. That process not only took about a month to accomplish, but also took pretty much all of our extra money. We haven't done much decorating besides the paint. 

Our deck is one area that we are really happy with right now. Eventually we plan on resurfacing it, as the people before us used paint on it that is a funny tan color and is rubbing away on the floor. However, it's very comfortable as is. And, I must add, it is completely furnished by giving people in our lives!

Standing by the garage, looking into the deck
 Daddy loves grilling. For his birthday in May, I decided I wanted to get him a nice grill. We looked at a few stores, and I showed him the one I really wanted to get and he said we should wait until we were actually in the house before we purchased anything. Good thing we did! Daddy was at his parents house one day when their next door neighbor approached him and asked if we would be interested in his "spare" grill for free. They do a lot of out door entertaining and it was too small for their needs. Behold; the EXACT grill I was going to buy for his birthday!

Standing on the deck, looking at the backyard.
I love the huge trees in our yard. The shade they provide is awesome. I can go outside with the kids on a 90 degree day and it feels more like 80. However, they are extremely messy. I was looking up at them today and noticing how very many leaves they have, and that they are starting to turn colors already. I'm not really looking forward to fall (although the kids will get to jump in the leaves for the first time ever, and I am VERY excited for that!). There is one big Maple in the backyard that shelters the whole yard. It's about three feet in diameter, at least. 

Perfect Play-Doh spot!
One of my colleagues heard we were getting a house and approached me towards the end of the school year to see if I would be interested in their patio table set. It had a little bit of rust on it so they were going to replace it. Yes!! I was shocked that it is so nice! There was a sprinkling of rust on each of the chair arms and a little on the edges of the table. Daddy sanded them all down and painted a bit of Rust-O-leum on it. Good as new! It even has six chairs, and an umbrella. We haven't cracked out the umbrella yet because the tree does such a nice job providing shade.

Play-Doh is a dangerous sport.

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Nice set! Your yard is all set!