Sunday, August 5, 2012


 Now that we finally have started to get settled into our new house (and have internet!) I realize that I haven't really blogged this year. So here's a series of posts on what we've been up to, in addition to Momma taking a class through UW-Stout (so I can have a student teacher this year), teaching summer school, and moving into our first home.

We went to the Oakdale Parade with the Moritzs

Anticipating the beginning of the parade.

Bee trying to do gymnastics like the gymnasts in the parade.

Dancing to a marching band.
 We also braved the Hudson Booster Days Parade with Aunt Jenni and her boys.

Beginning of the parade.
 We got primo seats, right next to the judges stand! 

Most of Jenni's fam (Daddy had to work).

Most of my fam (Daddy also had to work).

The girls' dance studio was in the parade. Gracie was excited to say Hi to Miss Laura!

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