Sunday, April 25, 2010

Action Painting

You may have heard of "Action" Jackson Pollack, the artist most famous for his "action paintings" such as Lavender Mist. I have often seen a lesser version of his style created by children using marbles. Most often, I've seen it with a closed mailing tube containing the paper and marbles dipped in paint. The child can then shake the tube up and the rolling marbles leave trails of paint in their wake. I've tried this, and never been entirely happy with the results. I was delighted the other day when I found a similar version of this project using a brownie pan instead of a tube. Using this idea, I brought the marbles, paper plate pallets, and paint out on our new picnic table tonight and we had a blast!

A little unsure of how to follow momma's lead.

I had intended to do all of the marble dipping myself and just let her shake the pan, but she wasn't going to have that! She dove right in after watching me for just a few moments. I love how independent she is!

I had originally thought it would be cleaner to scoop the marbles with a spoon, but we ditched that idea after the first marble. Using our fingers is just so much more fun!

Our three completed masterpieces-not bad for our first attempt!

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carrie said...

I love all the colors - they are better than Pollack (I spelled him wrong on your mom's facebook post)