Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Seeds to Sow

Over spring break I got very ambitious. In addition to all of the fun activities Gracie and I did, I bought her the supplies to have our own flowers on our patio. Unfortunately (at the time), I didn't read the back of the package very carefully and once I got home I realized that the daisies I picked out are meant to be planted in May. At the zoo the other day, Gracie planted some sunflower seeds in a dixie cup and really enjoyed it so I thought she may be ready. Although it's not quite May, I'm thinking it's close enough.

Shoveling soil into our planter.

Gracie's favorite part-watering the seeds.

Taking a much needed break from sowing seeds to eat a freezie.

She even has a farmin' hat.

Gotta get every last drop!


Anonymous said...

If I recall my plant physiology, planting dates are based on the average date of the last hard freeze. Considering this Spring has been warmer more quicker, I think if you get by this weekend, you should be okay. If it were to be a wee bit chilly, since your seeds should be covered by some dirt, they should be warmed enough to get by. However, if it is a wee bit chilly and shoots appear, then you may need to cover some overnights.

I'd be more concerned over red-heads being over-run by annoying Cub fans this weekend than plants freezing. Happy gardening!!!

Josephine Marie said...

this looks like so much fun...