Thursday, April 15, 2010


While at the doctor on Monday, I asked her about Gracie's skin. She has an odd sandpapery texture to her belly and sides that comes and goes. As suspected, the doc said she is probably having a minor reaction to the perfumes that are in soaps. So now I am re-washing all of the girls' clothes with All Free. Maybe by next week I'll be out from under this pile-If you don't hear from me in a week seek help.

She also gave me a couple of tips that I though I'd share and save you all the trip to the doc! She said she put baby oil in her kids' bath water and although it is perfumed, their skin was softer when she started doing that. While talking with my MIL about it, she also recommended using Olive Oil, which is completely natural and has no perfumes that could irritate baby's skin. With summer coming, I was concerned about sun screen, and she said nothing in sun screen is proven to irritate the skin, but it should be put on about a half hour before exposure. It takes that long to fully activate. I had no idea!

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