Saturday, April 17, 2010

Farm Babies

The Minnesota Zoo is hosting "Farm Babies" until the end of the month, so a group of us got together to check it out. Carrie, Carrie, Derek, Kylie, Tony, Elara, Great Grandma Iris, Gracie, Brianna, and I had a lot of fun seeing animals and even petting some of them. We all had cameras at different times, so once we collaborate on pics, I may post more.

Gracie and Bee checking out the Caribou.

Gracie and some kid looking at the calves-yes, he's licking the fence.
She has a temporary tattoo of a toucan on her left arm from the zoo.

Gracie and her cousin, Elara in front of the calves.

Shetland Sheep, complete with lambs.

Gracie and her Great Grandma Iris.

Very sad little Ram. Gracie loved him, started calling all the goats "Ram!"

In the goat petting area. She was timid at first, but caught on quickly.

We put Gracie and Elara in the double stroller, and they had fun passing Teddy Grahams and Goldfish to each other.

Can't forget the Prairie Dogs!

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