Sunday, April 11, 2010

Big Events

On this day six months ago, I was in labor with little Bee. I truly cannot believe she is already six months old! Time has flown by and although I'm amazed that she's already accomplished so much it also seems like she's always been in our family. I suppose she has always been in our hearts as we waited for God's timing to bring her to us physically. I have an appointment for her six month checkup tomorrow, so I'll blog her new stats and doctor comments then.

Tomorrow is also a special day for our family. It is our seventh wedding anniversary! I tease Daddy that we've made it through the "seven year itch," and he says that was over long ago because we dated so long before our wedding (six years). Unfortunately Daddy has to work tomorrow evening, so we won't even get to see each other. I'm sure we'll be thinking about how special the day is despite that.

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