Friday, April 30, 2010

Teaching the Important Stuff

Many of you know that Daddy and I are huge Milwaukee Brewers fans. We met most of our friends out there at Miller Park and had season tickets for a few years. Gracie spent most of her first summer at Miller Park-we know many of the employees and even had to "make the rounds" before every game to see all of our "baseball family." You may not know that before moving to Milwaukee I was a Twins fan. I grew up outside
of the cities and even spent many birthdays at the Metrodome.

I had to pick the girls up at my parents' house after work today and after dinner we put on the Twins game. Here's how our conversation went:
Me: Gracie, what's on t.v.?
Gracie: (barely glancing at the t.v.) Brew-ah
Me: (Smiling in a slightly gloating fashion at my dad)
Grandpa: You need to teach her.
Me: I DID.
Gracie being held by Corey Hart, Brewers right fielder (and Daddy's fav player).

This photo of us was in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Opening Weekend 2009.

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Josephine Marie said...

you guys taught her well. the brewers are the best team ever. i am glad little gracie jo has such good taste and i hope brianna has wonderful taste like her two big sisters as well