Friday, April 30, 2010

Color Mixing for Toddlers

This camera is really going on me (I need to just break down and buy a new one!), so the color is not the best-which is too bad since we did color mixing today! Of course, Gracie has already experimented with mixing colors through fingerpainting in the tub, but this time we used what she calls "goop" (oobleck).

Yellow goop +

Blue goop=

Green goop!

And, of course, whenever we play with goop we end up in the tub. Gracie painted, then used shaving cream, and then ended up in a bath. This is the second bath that I have added Olive Oil to as my MIL suggested, and her skin and hair are super soft. However, all of her toys have a slightly slimy film on them now too.


erin said...

Safflower oil is a great moisturizer, too, and has no scent. Gracie won't smell like a salad after her bath. (Not that she does. I don't know if she does. I'm just saying IF she smells like a salad, safflower oil is something you might want to consider. I'm just saying. I know you didn't ask for advice. Sorry. Babbling.)

Jodi said...

She doesn't smell like a salad, but she does have greasy-looking hair. Brian thinks she looks like she doesn't bathe.