Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Otts

Gracie calls eggs "otts." We have no idea where she got it, but we understand what she means so it works. Today I brought the girls to Carrie's house and Gracie and I dyed eggs with her while Bee watched.

Using a crayon to color the egg before dying.

And the first egg goes in!

Not to surprisingly, she preferred to put them in the yellow dye.

Gracie's masterpieces drying before the final decorating began.

Adding stickers!

She was quite the perfectionist at this stage, even taking off one sticker that Carrie put on to move it to a different egg!

Counting our completed otts!


carrie said...

that was so much fun! thanks for bringing the girls over.

Jodi said...

Definitely a blast! Thanks for inviting us. Sometimes I feel like I'm bringing a hurricane wherever I go!